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The benefits of Carbon Credits

A Carbon Credit is equal to one metric ton of carbon dioxide. A carbon credit is created when one metric ton of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. There are multiple ways to create carbon credits including but not limited to, measuring the CO2 absorption by trees, stopping deforestation and restoring mangrove swamps.

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The creation of Carbon Credits can be done through multiple avenues and our proposals to our potential customers contain not only producing them from CO2 absorption, but also programs like re-vitalizing mangrove swamps,  educational outreach, helping indigenous groups and others. Our planet has been humbled because of a vast, complex assault by business, burning and the general over-processing of our global natural resources. The best, cheapest and least invasive path back to a healthy planet with reduced global temperatures and an eventual carbon-neutral equilibrium is to create vast networks of huge parcels of land that are left alone where strategically most effective and helped to regenerate with others.


To help protect and conserve the Green Wealth of the nations in unlocking the true value for the benefit of the Indigenous people in harnessing Carbon credits that help balance the offsets in a long journey of achieving Carbon Neutrality for the benefit of us and the generations to come through a  fair collaborative process with Stakeholders.

Our Leadership

My name is Andrew Jacobs and my Grandfather started our company in 1921. We just celebrated our first hundred years and although our company is Environmentally certified under ISO 14001 standard, we, like everyone else, continue to pollute our planet. My interest in Climate Change and Carbon Credits goes back two decades, but it has only been in the past two years that we have been able to come up with a process and global team to be able to start making an impact against global warming. 

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